For any logistical needs, please email Logistics.UtahAlliance@gmail.com

STARTING CHARACTERS - If this is your first time playing, please send your 25 build character to us for admittance into the database as soon as you can. Please include your real name and address, character name, Race, Class, and starting skills.

For Ease of access, all players can use this form:      https://form.jotform.com/72615172484155 

Existing Characters and Non-player Character (NPCs) - Please register with this form as well:     https://form.jotform.com/72615172484155  

TRANSFER CHARACTERS - It is incumbent upon you to have your logistics staff send us a copy of your most recent character if you are visiting us. If you are requesting a permanent transfer, please have them send all of your characters and notify us that this is a permanent transfer.

MEMBERSHIP - Players at Alliance Larp Utah will be allowed to play their first game before purchasing a membership. After the first game, whether you're a PC (Player Character) or an NPC, (Non-Player Character), you will be required to pay $30 in yearly membership dues. 

Magic Item transfer policy - For in-game reasons, players may only carry 4 items, and no more than 40 rituals. Rituals on your spirit will count as a fifth item, but those rituals will not count towards your 40 limit. As normal, production and coin are not limited.  

LCO items will be approved on a case by case basis but will generally fall into this category. To speed things up at game, we request that you send all MI you wish to bring to us in advance. 

BANNED RITUALS - Protection Aura and Master Construct are not currently allowed.