Daggers and Small Blunt Weapon - 25 GS

Short Blade, Short Bow, Light Crossbows, and Short Blunt Weapons -35 GS

Long Blade, Long Bow, Heavy Crossbows, and Long Blunt Weapons - 50 GS

Two Handed Blade and Two Handed Blunt Weapons -100 GS

Pole Arms -125 GS

Staves -50 GS

Shields  - 125 GS


Spell/Arrow/Gas Globe Packets -1 GS/ 2 Packets 


We will always be in need of baby wipes, cases of water, and makeup sponges. If donating these items, please save your receipts as these items will always earn $1:5GS with receipt. 


We will offer 100gs for every period shirt/dress/tabard/tunic. We ask for only donations of size large and up. These items must be in genre and may be turned away. 


Looking for typical monster type masks- Undead of all varieties, orcs, goblins, gnolls, trolls, animal masks, kobolds, etc. If you have a receipt, we will match $1:5gs. No receipt will yield 25gs per mask.


Let us know if you have ideas on how to help us! Either helping our game grow or making cool props!

Help Our Cause

  Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of providing the best game with quality props, masks, makeup, and costumes. Every $1 spent will earn 5 goblin stamps after our Go Fund me event ends! Checkout our GoFundMe at:  

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