About Us

 Do you have what it takes to seek adventure, fame, and fortune? Come join us in a land  rich with adventure, mystery and intrigue, magic and necromancy, wealth, power, and more. Whether you want to be a heroic warrior, dashing rogue, a craftsman, a travelling bard or poet, famed healer, or a mighty wizard, we have created a world that's waiting just for you. Alliance LARP Utah is a live action role-playing game set in a medieval/fantasy world where you take on a persona of your choosing and interact with other players and a cast of NPCs both benevolent and malign. There are no scripts as the outcomes to many plotlines are decided by your actions. Put down the dice and paper, log off, grab your gear and come join Alliance LARP Utah on a new quest. 

Alliance Live Action Role-Playing Utah is a group committed to bringing action-packed weekend adventures to the LARP Community. Through quality writing and plotlines that establish setting, various dynamic NPC characters, and conflicts great and small, we are dedicated to bringing you the best live gaming experience.  

 Any novice gamemaster can throw stats and treasure onto NPCs and make a LARPing event action-packed, but we strive to provide political intrigue, problem solving, world building, character development, and an atmosphere dedicated to costuming, acting, staying in game, and being all that you can't be in the real world.  Join us at Alliance LARP Utah and be all that you can't be!

Help Our Cause

 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals of providing the best game with quality props, masks, makeup, and costumes. Every $1 spent will earn 5 goblin stamps after our Go Fund me event ends! Checkout our GoFundMe at: https://www.gofundme.com/AllianceLarpUtah 

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