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A Prince's Calling

It is within the autumn of the human year 416 that dwarves from the Brightstone Clan stumbled upon a new cave on the western slopes of Be'el Demaar, known to you as the Whitefang Mountains. By itself this would be be nothing special, except that most mining expeditions take us further below our already known locations within the heart of the mountains, or else on the eastern slopes of the White Fang Mountains. However, this expedition team of the Brightstone clan sought adventure as well treasures, for most who dared to venture forth out of the Great Door to the west most certainly would find themselves face to face with our ancient enemies in due time.

Their discovery of the natural cave and the Brightstone's natural curiosity (where ore and gemstones might be found) lead them to set up camp nearby and begin sampling the walls within. A few lucky days later, and no immediate threats, various ores and veins were indeed found within. Taking these samples back with them before winter could firmly set in there, they once again entered Be'el Demaar through the Great Door and ventured inward to discuss their findings. News spread rather quickly of their success and the riches that lie within this cave on the western slopes. In fact, news also spread to the various kings and queens of the clans of Be'el Demaar, for this could be both profitable for their people and yet equally as dangerous.

Old wars on the western slopes ended hundreds and even thousands of years ago. The Great Door had not been breached or threatened for as long as anyone alive could remember. And now, would they devote resources to creating a mining outpost once the winter thawed? Would they risk a new potential war with things unknown on this side of the Whitefangs for thousands of years?
To answer these questions, a great meeting was held between all of the kings and queens of the clans, their councils, the guilds, the military minded, and more. After a great debate it was decided that this western slope could be a great boon to their people, and besides, no respectable dwarf would shy away from battle if one should arise. It was decided that an outpost would begin come spring and a force would be mustered to help protect it. A question as to who would lead this new outpost arose. There was a lot of murmuring in the crowd. "Surely it should be a Brightstone because they found it" some were heard to shout. Yet no Brightstone came forward to heed the call. The Brightstones mentioned finders rights and higher percentages for any yield that comes out of the mine for finding it, more should rightfully go to their clan, and one could see where this was quickly headed. That's when I, Prince Malidor Ironbeard the wolf tamer, son of King Throdak and Myrna Ironbeard, grandson of King Byzik Ironbeard, stepped up to heed the calling. As the fourth son of King Throdak, my lot in life wasn't to be the next successor of my father, or anything worthy of the history books of our people. What better way to enter the great halls of our people by carving out a new surface outpost that can bring riches back to our kind? I stepped forward and accepted on behalf of all of our people. My father and mother smiled at me. General applause filled the room as the other clans found this acceptable. The united councils finished hammering out the contracts and details of the mining teams and resources needed, and I proceeded to hand select the bravest and best equipped among us to be the new outpost's military and support. I then commissioned the necessary weapons, armor, and other resources we would need to thrive there. The thaw of winter arrived and I built the outpost in the third month of 417.
Let it be known to all friendly races that I also seek brave adventurers, skilled merchants and artisans, entertainers, and others who would seek their fame and fortune and cast their lot with us at Malidor's Outpost.

Prince Malidor Ironbeard    

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